Night in an igloo: Spend an unusual night!

Igloo night !

Also on the board you will find Rocherousse Williwaw our igloo village! Located at 2300 m above sea level, it is possible to reach the village in the late afternoon, when the last skiers come down, snowshoe or chairlift.


Admire the sunset over the Alps after 1:30 tranquil hiking snowshoes. A hike that will open your appetite for mountain meal is included in the price. Then come the time to go to bed and enjoy this unique experience! The night is cold (about 2 ° in igloos) but you can rent sleeping bags big cold to protect you.


Children are welcome, and the whole family can also enjoy dog sled rides to experience all aspects of life in an igloo!



The Williwaw is the name of a wind in some coastal regions such as Alaska, Siberia, Patagonia, etc ... It represents the flow of cold air coming down from the mountain slopes to the coast. It is known to be very unpredictable.

Meal Montagnard

Philippe and Valerie are pleased to offer you a typical mountain meal during your stay in an igloo: La Raclette. Obtained by heating the cheese of the region deli Valley. A maximum of good products to nourish you during this unusual holiday!