Cani hiking

Vue sur nos magnifiques montagnes des Hautes Alpes

Cani-hiking is to let yourself be pulled by his dog while guiding voice and sometimes with appropriate actions. A harness provided with the dog is connected to its master by a long lead to a wide suitable hanging belt.


Enjoy the beauty of the landscape and share this adventure with a 4 legged companion! Cani-hiking is a great way to get kids to hiking without risking the disgust they can enjoy the special relationship associated with the dog.


The less active you can rest assured the cani-hiking is not a race. We walk to the rhythm of the human, not the dog. You will climb to the highest elevations without you even realizing it!


Enjoy this particular type of hike to come and discover the beautiful sunny landscapes Hautes-Alpes and especially Champsaur!


Discover a completely cross sport: cani-scooter or cani-kart!